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blackhour's Journal

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BLACKHOUR is a new graphics brought to you by REDHOUR. The community was created for me to have a place to post on my own. Hopefully the graphics here will appeal to everyone! You can check the box below to see what I enjoy most to see what you will find a lot of.

Layout credit to snubbly.
Profile codes credit to refuted.
All graphics made by redhour


1. All entries are friends only, so you have to join to view anything.
2. Comment with what you're taking/using or just to be nice =).
3. Credit me as redhour @ blackhour.
4. Do not customize anything. Texless icons are not bases.
5. Do not repost anything unless given permission.



The following are lists of fandoms that I enjoy most, which is what you will find here, there may be other stuff posted here due to new fandoms that have not yet been added or entries for icontest:

jennifer aniston, shia labeouf, keira knightley, rob dyrdek, travis pastrana, christian bale, johnny depp, megan fox, mariska hargitay, robert downey jr, reese witherspoon, ken block

britney spears, linkin park, the lonely island, justin timberlake

transformers, transformers: revenge of the fallen, the hangover, pirates of the caribbean trilogy, the dark knight, equilibrium, american outlaws, cry-baby, disturbia, eagle eye, fast and the furious: tokyo drift, fast and furious (fourth), four brothers, holes, indiana jones series, the lion king, beauty and the beast, tropic thunder, pineapple express, shrek trilogy, stick it

tv shows
friends, desperate housewives, fantasy factory, nitro circus, rob & big, law & order: svu, psych, 21 jump street, dark blue,


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